Beer lovers of Maine unite! It's time for the 5th annual Barreled Souls Harvest Fest 2018 at Barreled Souls Brewing Company on Portland Road in Saco.

An afternoon of great beer and great times, there will be prizes given out, as well as souvenir glasses for you to take home. Enjoy food from The Hangover Pub while you sample all of the delicious beers Barreled Souls has to offer.

Tickets are $19 in advance/$25 at the door, food and souvenir glass included.

Or you can go with one of 2 VIP packages which will get you in to the event 30 minutes early and include a bourbon barrel-aged Deep Space bottle, single malt barrel-aged Deep Space bottle, bourbon barrel-aged Honey Pot bottle and bottle bag all for $65.

Or go with the double VIP package which will get you twice as many bottles for $110.00

Both VIP packages also include the chance to pre order their ABCs and Turkey Pale Ale cans for Thanksgiving.

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