One of my favorite ways to see a movie is at drive-in theaters. There's something so enjoyable about never having to leave the comfort and privacy of my own car. Not to mention, noise pollution from other people's screaming kids and the sound of popcorn and candy being consumed is minimized.

Drive-in movie theaters bring back pleasant memories from my childhood when my much older cousin would sneak me into R-rated movies when she reluctantly had to babysit me. I remember how much fun I would have walking around and playing with other stowaway kids on the playground.

Other than warmer weather, the thing I'm most looking forward to this Spring is seeing movies at the drive-in. There's a rumor going around that the Bridgton Twin Drive-In Theatre is opening for the season on Friday, April 26th. This date has not been confirmed. A phone call to the theater went straight to a recorded message from the end of last summer. However, when I scrolled down Bridgton's Facebook page, I found this cryptic message: "Legend has it the snow will recede eventually and a new drive-in season will begin." Then comes a listing of some of the major releases this summer.

Notice the first movie date in the embedded post below: April 26th. This is around the time the Bridgton Theatre opened last year, so unless there's a snow delay, my money is on this date.

The theater is located at 383 Portland Road in Bridgton, Maine. What movie are you looking forward to seeing, this Spring?

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