The New York Post just shared the amazing fluffy story of Samson, New York City's biggest housecat! According to the Posts's facebook page here, He's a four-year-old, four-foot-long, 28-pound kitty that loves to play and take forklift rides with his humans! (It takes two arms to lift this guy!)

So, here's the deal... if Samson is really the largest housecat in New York City, we've got a big problem, because that means that MY cat (Marshmallow) is even bigger. I knew he was HUGE (we're working on it), but we had no idea that he was bigger than all the fat cats on Wall Street!

This is Marshmallow:

He's almost 30 pounds (29.something) and he's the best snuggle bug on the entire planet!

My girlfriend and I adopted Marshmallow a few years ago, and he's down a few pounds since we got him. He's getting better!

And this was Marshmallow when he tried to hide:



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