It happens the first of every month. That mortgage or rent payment comes due. Have you ever wondered as you send off your most expensive monthly payment, just how much you're paying for the town you live in compared to the rest of Maine?

The website crunched the numbers by looking at the Census Bureau's estimates from the American Community Survey data and they estimated the median monthly housing cost for towns and cities across Maine.

Some of the results aren't a surprise, like Cumberland Foreside coming in as the most expensive place to live in Maine at a median housing cost of $2104 a month. Most of us can't afford to live there.

A bigger surprise is that Portland is less expensive that one would think. The list splits Portland by its zip codes and the most expensive section of Portland ranked #16 with a monthly housing cost of $1290.

If you want to live cheap and not live way up north, your best bet is to move to North Waterford with a monthly housing cost of $340. That's a bargain!

Here are the top 5 most expensive and least expensive towns to live in in Maine. If you want to see the complete list, hit the button at the bottom of the page to see if your town made either list.


#1 Cumberland Foreside - $2,104
#2 Falmouth - $1,865
#3 North Yarmouth - $1,753
#4 Cape Elizabeth - $1,684
#5 Cumberland Center - $1673


#1 Kingman - $304
#2 North Waterford - $340
#3 Stacyville  - $363
#4 East Dixfield - $369
#5 Saint Francis - $390

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