Last December, people got hyped because it appeared that the only Chick fil-A food truck that exists in northern New England would be making appearances at the Kittery outlets during prime shopping season. Those appearances were abruptly cancelled, leaving questions and a fair amount of disappointment. Whatever the issues that caused that cancellation appears to have been cleared up and if you're still craving some Chick fil-A, you'll have your chance to grab some in 2019.


According to Seacoast Online, the Kittery town council approved a request from the Chick fil-A food truck to operate on select dates in Kittery. The dates when the food truck will make an appearance and the exact location are still yet to be determined. The food truck operates out of Westborough, Massachusetts and make stops across all of New England on select dates.

Now that the approval and paperwork hurdles have been cleared, southern Maine is very likely to get plenty of chances at tasting Chick fil-A. And while nothing is set in stone, it'd be hard to imagine that the Chick fil-A food truck wouldn't be setting up shop near the Kittery Outlets once again. Stay tuned because when we get all the final details, we'll pass them along to you!


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