Central Maine Power, with the help from crews from many neighboring states, have been working around the clock to restore power to the over 400,000 homes that were in the dark after Sunday night and Monday morning's storm. All that work has gotten them to the halfway point as of 3PM on Wednesday with just over 200,000 homes still without power.

The question on everyone's mind that still doesn't have power is "When will I get power back?" CMP has an estimation for your street that you can lookup on their website.

Just hit this link and follow the directions we've outlined for you below.

First, click on your county.

Outage by County


Then click on your town.

Outages by Town


Then find your street and you'll see when CMP is estimating your power will be restored.

Outages by Street

Remember, the estimate for your street is just that...and estimate. It may be soon, it may be later, but rest assured that crews are working as quickly as they can to restore your power.

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