Oh, Maine, Sweet, beautiful, relaxing Vacationland. Please don't tell me these stink bugs invest the state every summer like they do in Idaho! I grew up dreading their presence every spring and in the midst of long, hard winters, I drank in the joy of living without them.

They're the sneakiest, creepiest, smelliest bug around and I HATE THEM. Stupid little gross robot bugs creepin' around and startling you when you least expect it. BEGONE!!

Lou, Townsquare Media
Lou, Townsquare Media

These guys, mosquitos, ticks, and yellow jackets are the downside of every summer and I would withstand a thousand long winters if it meant cutting down on exposure time to these pains in the neck!

What parts of summer (or other bugs) are you already dreading as we face our first spring heat wave?

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