I've heard of boat races, car races, bike races, anything that moves gets raced, but since moving to Maine, I have seen even things that would be considered norms pushed to the next level.

Last week out to dinner with my friends, I commented, "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if they had lobster boat races?"

I laughed hysterically, thinking that I had made the funniest joke of all time, and my friend across the table says to me, "well, Kwame, they do."

I stopped laughing and said, "they do what?" And he says they do race lobster boats here.

After removing my foot from my jaw, I realize that the lobster culture here runs deeper than just catching the little crustacean for our delicacies in our rolls and sandwiches. Not only is lobster fishing a multi-billion dollar a year industry, but in the offseason, these fishermen take pride in their boats and all the work they put into them.

In researching this topic, I came across an article by Charlotte Wilder in SB nation talking about Rockport and Jonesport Lobster boat races, which showed videos of these proud lobsterman racing their boats to see who has the fastest bow to get the biggest catch.

"No one agrees how the races started. Some say they have their roots in lobstermen racing each other home on Moosabec Reach as they brought in their daily catch. Others believe local boatbuilders wanted to prove whose design was fastest. In any case, it was fun." Charlotte wrote in her article.

I've gotta say it seems crazy to me, but you know what count me in, I want to see one of these have you been to a lobster boat race? What was your experience like let me know.

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