Back in October, The Holy Donut on Exchange Street in Portland's Old Port closed their doors when they decide not to renew their lease after hardships from the COVID pandemic. 10 months later they are back in the Old Port at a new location.

Back in October, in a press release about the closing of the Exchange Sreet location, The Holy Donut CEO Jeff Buckwalter said, "We look forward to stepping back into the Old Port again in the future when the timing is right and we can secure a location that can better serve the needs of our loyal guests and our exceptional teammates."

Apparently, that time is now as The Holy Donut has opened up a store at 177 Commerical Street in the long-time location of Bill's Pizza, which also ended up closing during the pandemic.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The new location officially opened on Wednesday, August 18 and has everything you would expect from The Holy Donut, it's just closer to the water now. Their website however does say that due to supply chain issues, they may sell out before 4 p.m. so arrive before noon for the best selection.

The Commerical Street location joins the original Park Avenue location as well as Route 1 in Scarborough and Minot Avenue in Auburn.

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