Universal’s grand plan for world domination, or at least an intertextually connected universe of highly profitable event films, has been put in motion. Their Dracula Untold laid the groundwork by introducing fiction’s most famous vampire into the mix, solo projects for Frankenstein’s monster, the Invisible Man, and monster hunter Van Helsing have all been established, and now The Mummy, the first piece of the puzzle (let’s do Universal a service and call Dracula Untold a warm-up, they can take a mulligan on that one), is set to be unveiled.

The film will bow on June 9 of next year, but buzz must be generated early and often, so the studio has unveiled the official theatrical poster and a brief snippet of the trailer, which will be released in full on Sunday. Universal has a whole lot riding on their spiffed-up modern treatment of The Mummy, drawing heavily from the 1932 Karl Freund film, and less so from the recent franchise with Brendan Fraser. The fifteen-second teaser shows little of the film, save for a disquieting shot of a mummy queen (looks like Sofia Boutella‘s undead terror) with a split-iris eye. “WELCOME TO A NEW WORLD OF GODS AND MONSTERS,” both the poster and teaser beckon, either foretelling another CGI spectacle in the tradition of this year’s Gods of Egypt or making a sly allusion to Bill Condon’s 1998 James Whale biopic Gods and Monsters. Either way, the full trailer should offer a closer look at the mummy herself, as well as a better impression of what sort of characters we can expect from stars Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.

Check out the poster below, and keep an eye out for the trailer on Sunday.


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