When Mercy Hospital's chief executive officer said officials would entertain a wide range of reuse proposals for its six-story building on State Street after the move to the new Fore River Parkway location was completed, West End resident M. Curt Sachs knew exactly what should fill the vacant building.

That's why he has submitted a proposal to reuse the old hospital building as a homeless shelter, a neighborhood health clinic, a soup kitchen and an affordable housing complex that would have on-site case management and counseling services, according to an article in the Press Herald.

Sachs points out in the newspaper story that the timing is perfect as the Oxford Street shelter is looking to relocate to a bigger building.

Although there is still a long way to go, Sachs says the building is structurally sound, with fully equipped medical facilities and commercial kitchen, and meets all fire and building codes already, according to the article.

The Press Herald reports that this is a very important cause to Mr. Sachs whose daughter has struggled with substance abuse and has been homeless for nearly a decade.

Edward Gilman, communications director for Mercy, said he expects the hospital to announce a finalist sometime in January, according to the article.


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