The New England Patriots released a video showing all the great moments on and off the field during Rob Gronkowski's career with the team that they say gives "all the feels." You might want to grab a tissue.

The 14 minute video begins with the announcement at the 2010 NFL Draft that the New England Patriots had selected Rob Gronkowski. From there it goes through his career showing amazing plays on the field, his goofiness during press conferences and how he touched the lives of so many people with his charitable work, visiting children's hospitals and making other appearances for good causes.

In the end, it circles back to the 2010 draft where Gronk said after being chosen by the Patriots, "This is the greatest moment of my life man, this is unbelievable."

It was unbelievable Gronk, for all of us. It was an amazing 9 year run that will get talked about years to come.


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