It's time to shell-abrate! the Planters Nutmobile is rolling into Portland!


As part of their East-to-West-Nut-Crackin' Fest, the iconic 26-foot long peanut on wheels will be stopping this weekend in the Portland area.

Tyler Towne
Tyler Towne

They will be delivering meals with Westbrook Meals on Wheels, visiting seniors at People Plus in Brunswick and even helping out pet adoptions at Animal Refuge league of Greater Portland. And you will get a chance to see the 'legendary legume' at Smiling Hill Farm on Saturday where you can get up close and personal with this peanut on wheels!

It's a nutty event at Smiling Hill Farm on Route 22 in Westbrook from 8:30am - 1pm. The Nutmobile will have a team of Peanutters and Mr. Peanut to spread smiles (bet you thought I was gonna say spread peanut butter). There will be photos, prizes and duh - peanuts!

And if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up you can request the Nutmobile to stop by!



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