Have you ever wished the Post Office could deliver your mail electronically? Well now they can, sort of.

The United States Post Office has rolled out a new service that sends you an email when you have mail in your mailbox, and even includes a picture of what's there. Today I had some not-so-important email from my State Senator.

Mail Featured

The new service is called Informed Delivery, and it takes the scans of your mail that it has taken for years now, and sends them to your email where you can see exactly what is in your mailbox.

Here's my new car registration I did through rapid renewal that was waiting for me today in my PO Box. I'm going to want that.


But no rush to pick up these coupons so they can sit there for a few days.


So it's not fully electronic mail, but if you have a PO Box or a mailbox that's across the road that you don't want to go to in the middle of the winter unless you have to or want to know when that important piece of mail arrives, Informed Delivery is the service for you. Best of all it's free.

There are some catches though. The service isn't available in all areas of Maine yet and scans won't include things like magazines, catalogs and packages.

You can find out if Informed Delivery is available for your address and sign up by hitting the link below.


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