Does everyone always evacuate for fire alarms? I thought that was something we'd all silently agreed to ignore since high school when it meant escaping class for ten minutes with your friends.

This morning when the fire alarm went off at 1 City Center, the entire staff evacuated except the Q Morning Show and our trusty promotions guy, Mike. Don't budge until you see smoke, right? Right.

Sure, we got a little more concerned when the firetrucks rolled up, but judging how the exit was right outside our studio and no smoke was billowing into the office, we figured we could play it dangerous and stick around. At the end there, Lori tried to leave the Stay Put Pact, but don't worry. I stopped her.

As a necessary disclaimer: this video is not meant to discourage safe habits in your office or home. The actions of the Q Morning Show reflect the views of the Q Morning Show members only and should not be credited to Townsquare Media or its affiliates. We're just trying to be funny.

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