Each year The Q Morning Show gets upgraded to Secret Santa's helpers. Santa sends us a stack of Benjamins to give out to Mainers with no catch, other than paying it forward with some positivity.

Being my first year on The Q Morning Show this was my first year being involved in Secret Santa! Lori and I set out to Auburn on Wednesday. It started out wonderfully until a semi-truck almost ran into us, but that's a tale for another time.

We were able to make multiple stops around the Lewiston/Auburn area making people's day. It was awesome. There were tears, laughs, and air-hugs!

Then Lori and I got hungry and what better way to give out cash socially distant than taking advantage of drive-thrus?! We found ourselves conveniently on Center Street with options galore. We had to go with McDonald's fries, a drink at Wendy's, and finishing off with Burger King's Chicken Fries because, somehow, Lori has never had them. The best part was the gal at the end at Burger King. Fair warning, a good portion of this video is just me stuffing my face with fries.

We are so grateful to be part of Secret Santa-ing around Maine!

What would you do with $100 this Christmas? Let us know via the app!

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