The Big Game was this Sunday and the QMS revived our 60-second parties, last seen in December for 60-second holidays. This time, we brought the same excitement and enthusiasm, this time with pom poms and confetti!

Each winner of the 60-second football party submitted a form expressing why they would want us to come cause chaos in their home. We got some very compelling responses, with reasons spanning from loving pizza and the Q Morning Show to sarcastically looking forward to cleaning up confetti in their house for the next three years.

Whatever their reasoning, the three houses we visited were incredibly hospitable and even cut-out 2D Jeff has a good time! If all parties would be just 60 seconds, we'd live in a better world. No long  and drawn-out goodbyes, no awkward small talk... just wham bam thank ya ma'am, party hard and get out quick!

First up was Brain and his family...

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Next up, Abby and her 5-year-old Trey, along with the rest of their family...

And finally, Alex and her fam in Lewiston! They won the 65" TV and were incredibly welcoming.

They even sent us home with gift bags chock full of snacks, a water bottle, and a bullet-proof vest to help us escape Lewiston alive!

Thank you to Brian, Abby, and Alex for hosting us for one lengthy minute and cleaning up the messes we left. Stay tuned for the next 60-second celebration!