New data shows that in 2024, Maine is projected to have the second-highest electric bills in the country.

Only Hawaii will pay more for electricity in 2024. The study was done by Texas Electricity Ratings. They analyzed state-by-state Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) data to predict the annual electricity bill across the country. By comparing consumer costs between November 2022 and 2023, an annual increase was calculated for each state, determining a total bill for each household.  Here are the top five electric bills in the country.

That comes out to be almost $200 a month in electric bills for Mainers. According to the data,

Maine is projected to face the second-highest household electricity bill at $2,383.75, costing 30% less than Hawaii. Despite consuming 1.5 times less electricity annually than the national average, the state is expected to undergo the most substantial price increase among all states at 23.35%.

I certainly have felt it.

Where is the cheapest electricity in the United States?

That would be Utah. Their annual bill is estimated at $1047.27, or just over $87 a month. People in Utah will use 12.5% more electricity than in Hawaii.

The national average is forecasted to be approximately $1,730.55 per typical household. That's  $653.20 lower than Maine's forecasted annual electric bill.

What can Mainers do to lower their electric bills?

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A spokesperson for Texas Electricity Ratings said,

Simple adjustments, such as optimizing refrigerator and freezer temperatures, reducing shower durations, and incorporating energy-efficient lighting options like LEDs or motion-sensor lights, can significantly diminish electricity bills. Even choosing to launder clothes in warm or cold water, as opposed to hot water, makes an impactful step towards achieving both financial savings and environmental sustainability.

It will help when the seasons change, the lights aren't on as much, and we don't use our stoves as much as the grill. Even with these changes, hang on, Mainers. It's gonna cost us a ton to keep the lights on.

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