When traveling up and down Congress Street in Portland, there is one particular sign that stands out. That would be the marquee at the entrance to the State Theatre, a terrific reminder to lengthy entertainment history that Portland possesses. At one time in the State's history, that marquee lit up Congress Square, and thanks to some private and public funding, that is about to happen again.

According to the City of Portland, construction is set to begin to restore the marquee that hangs at the entrance to the State Theatre. In order to properly restore the marquee, it'll need to be taken down. Don't be alarmed when you drive by in the coming weeks and see it missing. The State Theatre isn't going anywhere.

Instead, when the marquee returns, it will be a true mix of new and old. The sign will once again glow like it did in yesteryear, with some minor modern improvements, including light panels on the corners of the marquee that will update passerbys on upcoming shows.

The State Theatre had hoped that restoring the marquee would come quicker when it re-opened in 2005. As it turned out, other things became more critical. But while the improvement may seem simply cosmetic, the final product should elevate the State back to a special landmark in the city.

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