There is a new list of the worst for winter driving states.

Guess what state falls into the top 10? Yes, us, you guys, Maine.

This is not a surprise because, in the winter, it gets cold and snows, and we are in one of those places near Canada where that happens.

As stated on the CBS 13 website, Maine is sixth on its list of "States with the most snow-related driving fatalities." compiled the information.

The other states on the list are..

Lubo Ivanko
Lubo Ivanko

10. Montana
9. Wisconsin
8. Michigan
7. South Dakota
6. Maine
5. Vermont
4. Minnesota
3. Wyoming
2. North Dakota
1. Alaska

This study was based upon visibility and the number of fatalities amount of snowfall and wintery precipitation. How do we correct this? Let's remember our snow tires and to drive slowly and safely during our winter weather this year.


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