Portland, Maine welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists each season by car, air, and sea. The massive cruise ships that dock in Portland Harbor are responsible for a good chunk of those tourists. These vessels are like floating cities on the water with their own restaurants, movie theaters, pools, and sometimes even roller coasters along with other outrageous amenities. It's amazing the cruisers ever want to leave the ship.

Before they make the long journey off the ship and down the docks into our city, some of these tourists pause for a moment to capture the view of Portland from the highest decks. The photos are a whole new way to appreciate Port City as seen from the sea.

The Carnival Sunshine called at Portland, Maine for the first time in 2016 and returned again this summer. The ship carries 3000 passengers for a fall foliage tour. This shot is from the upper decks. You can see the roller coaster and massive outdoor movie screen on either side of the red stack.

Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas also called on Portland, Maine this summer. The massive cruise liner brought over 5,000 people to our shores.

Passengers can see almost all the way across the peninsula. The iconic Time and Temperature building is within view from the top of the Anthem of the Seas.

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