Each week I like to dive into Maine TikTok and see what creative, hilarious, and sometimes drunk Mainers come up with.

One thing's for sure, Mainers never disappoint.

TikTok isn't all fun and games. It's utilized for doing good for the world too. @__dodgetruck spotted a Mainer looking for a kidney. Can you help? Cecelia G LaBerge B+ or O+! Call 207-662-7180

Maine Firefighter Rocky @firefighter.hfd got his buddies together for this amazing voiceover. Who knew John discovered North America? Good job, John!

Paul Bouchard @paulbouchard88 put together a TikTok that so perfect describes what it's like to party in Maine. We've all been there.

This NSFW TikTok is just saying what a lot of us have been feeling.

My favorite TikTok of the week was from Tara @lancasteratbeal. Her TikTok couldn't be more relatable. We've all avoided household duties in favor of a nap. In fact, that's kind of how I live my life.

Are you on TikTok? You could be featured next week! I'll be watching! Feel free to send your TikTok handle via our mobile app!

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