It took a while to warm up to the Mario Brothers when I was a kid, I think because of the name. They’re named Mario and Luigi, but people just call them the “Mario Brothers.”

That’s gotta stink for Luigi. Unless Mario is their last name, too?

Either way, it's been a big year for Luigi Mario and brother Mario Mario (?), as their movie was released, and New Hampshire’s biggest arcade got itself a giant Mario Ride.

Funspot in North Laconia unveiled a new four-person Mario Kart arcade game that’s fun for the kids, and good training for the pros up in Loudon.

Funspot via Facebook
Funspot via Facebook

Funspot isn’t just the largest arcade in New Hampshire, but the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. So, there are a lot of people you’ll come across when it comes to Mario Kart.

Let’s break them down…


Looking to have a good time playing the new Mario Kart game.


The gamer who says, “Hey, mind if I join?” and grins a little too hard when you say yes. This is usually followed by a lot of grunting and cursing as it becomes clear this isn’t just for fun.


This person doesn’t play, but kind of stands off to the side asking if the game includes obscure characters such as Wart and Captain Syrup.


This gamer holds about 200 tickets, but zero coins. While they could buy anything they want at the prize stand, they realize nothing can buy the happiness that is Mario Kart.


Typically the girlfriend or boyfriend of The Passive-Aggressor, announcing he or she is calling an Uber, and if they’re the only one in it when it takes off, “We are THROUGH!”

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