So do you think people were excited? Maine's first Krispy Kreme location opened yesterday in Saco to massive lines and impressive fanfare according to the Portland Press Herald. Lines were longer for the opening morning at Krispy Kreme than the latest iPhone release or the new Super Nintendo classic video game system. But that was Day 1 hysteria, so Day 2....?

Still crazy. A tweet shared by Matt Borgualt this morning suggested that people were still waiting in longer lines than some of the rides at Disney World in order to get their hands on the sugar deliciousness of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. A 45-minute wait was the norm this morning.

So it's fair to ask, would YOU wait that long for a fresh doughnut? Obviously, some of your fellow Mainers have already answered yes! By the way, Maine's 2nd Krispy Kreme location in Auburn is set to open soon, will there be as much excitement in the twin cities?


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