The first honest to God cover up at Trump's inauguration...and it's awesome!

'Don's Johns' has long supplied porta potties at major outdoor events in Washington D.C. and Trump's inauguration is going to be a big outdoor event. However, our president's first name just happens to be Donald. Sooooo...having Don's Johns all over the city came too close to home for organizers, so they literally TAPED OVER THE NAME.

Now, you can clearly still see it - but TV cameras can't.  Ahhhh, I get it.

How does Don of 'Don's Johns' feel about that? They had no idea they were taping over the name until it was reported by the Associated Press. Oops. Robert Weghorst, the chief operating officer for 'Don's Johns' said:

We're proud to have our name on the units.

Oh's not about THAT's about THIS Donald.

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