Wildfires, helicopter crash, global pandemic, UFOs, Tiger King, protests, and murder hornets. It's been a year, to say the least.

Thankfully the murder hornets appear to be fairly well contained. Well, at least until Fire & Company introduced them to Mainers.

No, they didn't bring killer bugs to Portland, but they did create a killer pizza of the same name.

The pie is topped with pepperoni, pepperoncini, crushed pepper, and honey. The perfect combo of a little spice and a little sweet.

Julia West
Julia West

My initial instinct with this pizza is how epic it would be to pair Murder Hornet with a bottle of Corona to really pack the punch that is 2020. That is until I realized that Fire and Company is located at Rising Tide Brewing Company! Move over 'rona! (No, really. Please. I'm tired of staying home. Go away.)

Back in June Fire and Company began their partnership with Rising Tide and you can find them there all summer long. They offer not only epic wood-fired pizzas but oysters, lobster rolls, and even breakfast tacos!

By the looks of it, they have married the two beautifully in spite of everything going against them with the pandemic.

So, plan your next evening out at Rising Tide. Enjoy some local brews and great food and forget, maybe for just a moment, the wild ride that is 2020.

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