Get your fill of retro atmosphere and a taste of simpler days gone by at one of these 5 popular Maine eateries that seem to be stuck in a vintage age. Everything from the throwback menus to the classic diner car vibe will have you digging into the back of your closet for your grandparent's old outfits.

A1 Diner

TripAdvisor via juniperjennifer

Location: 3 Bridge Street, Gardiner, ME

Age: Car built in 1946, opened under current name about 27 years ago

TripAdvisor Reviewers Say:

A real converted dining car with both booths and counter seating, so going solo isn't a problem. The staff was friendly and the service was quick. Great menu and the food was excellent.

Fat Boy Drive In

Yelp via Matt C.

Location: 111 Bath Rd, Brunswick, ME

Age: Opened in 1955

Yelp Reviewers Say:

Felt like I was in Grease or some 1950's movie. A real old fashioned Drive-In with car hops and everything!

The Goldenrod

Yelp via The Goldrenrod

Location: 2 Railroad Ave, York, ME

Age: Opened in 1896

Yelp Reviewers Say:

Every time I come to York Beach I have to stop at the Goldenrod for candy. Their old time candy is authentic and fresh. I love their salt water taffy and their molasses sponge candy.

West End Drug Company

Yelp via Michael M.

Location: 105 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME

Age: Open in 1917

Yelp Reviewers Say:

This was a wonderful find.  I was taken back in time to a simpler day when people would lock up the office and walk across the street to have a grilled cheese sandwich at the soda fountain counter.  A time when people would come in to the drugstore to get a poultice or a bottle of smelling salts. Okay, maybe that's going a bit far, but this was definitely the archetype for small town pharmacy/drug store.  The Rexall sign always brings back that nostalgia for me, but this was very definitely the real thing!

The Palace Diner

Yelp via Vanessa M.

Location: 18 Franklin Street, Biddeford, ME

Age: Diner cart built in 1927

Yelp Reviewers Say:

We heard it was a can't miss stop and it exceeded all expectations. The diner itself is in an old dining cart from 1927. It has all the character and culture associated with this time. The diner had a community feel right when we walked in. We started with the banana bread that was slightly toasted sprinkled with sea salt. It was delicious and we were legitimately sad when it was done.

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