People come for all over to see these beautiful daffodils...

The daffodils of Laurel Hill Cemetery bloom this time of year and people wait for them.

Anna Rapp
Anna Rapp

The Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco is one of the first garden cemeteries in the entire country. According to Wikipedia, Laurel Hill was established in 1844. It was actually designed by Waldo Higgison, a Boston businessman. Walso was inspired by Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass.

It was a 25 acre cemetery and beautiful. It still is to this day. Maine has so many historic cemeteries. It's a side effect of being one of the original 13 colonies. Sure, it was part of Massachusetts then, but it still means that stuff in Maine is old. Very old. And in most cases, very beautiful.

The most beautiful and cared for cemeteries have a lot to care for. Those that have left us. We visit our loved ones and the beauty of Laurel Hill makes that sometimes painful visit...easier.

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