Live music, local vendors, beautiful weather, carnival rides, and food. Oh my goodness, the food. Old Port Festival is always a destination for all things local, fresh, fried, and delicious. These food photos are enough to send you drooling into next year's Old Port Fest.

Okay, yes, you could probably get your hands on most of these dishes any other day of the year in Portland, but something about summer weather, live music in the best city on the east coast, and a local festival that  just makes these taste better.

Seafood, especially fried seafood, is a staple during a Maine summer. Old Port Fest served up plenty of it.

If you go to Old Port Fest and you don't eat a lobster roll, did you even go to Old Port Fest?

On the healthier side of things, Blake Orchard served up their Summer Smoothie Bowls.

Old Port Fest didn't leave out the vegetarians or vegans. This Beyond Meat burger looks good enough to eat even if you love meat.

Show us your Old Port Fest 2017 photos. Any photos of good food or cute dogs should be flagged IMPORTANT. 

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