Is it even feasible to just breathe anymore in this economy? LOL, that was dramatic, but let's be honest... that's how it feels in the last few years doesn't it?

I saw this post from, that polled 1,000 Americans asking them whether or not they'd be willing to give up daily generic expenses like Netflix subscriptions or owning a pet.

This is what sparked me as a Maine resident living in one of the more expensive towns lately, Portland, to curate a local list of things that I would happily give up if it meant becoming debt-free.

Would you be willing to give up something to have no debt? has calculated that the entire state of Maine on average in 2023 is $1,561.60 in debt currently.

1. Parking in Downtown Portland.
I can forget having to take more time and effort to read the signs so that I don't have to pay a whole car payment to get a boot taken off my car.

2. Give up going to Wharf Street every weekend. 
Instead of boozing on the cobblestones and buying everybody shots, I can try having those same friends at your house for a boozy game night.

3. Eating Out at All the Great Maine Restaurants All the Time
While it's cool to have so many unique restaurants and take-out spots around here, I would go grocery shopping at places like Hannaford, and work on just walking past the storefront without pulling my wallet out.

4. Driving in My Own Maine Car
Sounds silly, but next time I have somewhere to go with some of your people, like the Old Port on a Saturday night, I can remember that Uber allows you to each take a piece of the fare total. Every penny counts, man.

Look, I'm not saying it would change the world, but I'd glady give up these four things if it meant I didn't have to have any debt. Right? Maybe?

How about you?

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