You know how some dogs look just like their owners? Well, this adoptable greyhound pup looks just like a super popular animated film character. via Maine Greyhound Placement Service

Sweet Mulberry is a 3-year old retired greyhound from Florida. Greyhound dogs endure grueling training and racing at a young age and are left to find caring homes when their sporting careers are over. Maine Greyhound Placement Service in Augusta, Maine helps these dogs find loving families around the state.

Mulberry is just one of many greyhounds searching for a home in Maine. Her profile photo showcases her sweet, kind eyes and adorable little pupper smile. When I found her adoption listing online, all I could see was the face of the Agnes Gru from "Despicable Me".

YouTube via Illumination

Do you see the resemblance?

Which celebrity does your dog resemble?

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