Back in October, Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills put up a Facebook post about a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Ginger.

At the time of the post, she had been in the care of the shelter for 1,456 days, or nearly four years. She was brought to the shelter as a stray in 2014, and Responsible Pet Care was hoping to get the word out to find the right home and person that could love her.

That post went viral, and Ginger's story had been shared by countless news organizations and people from Maine and even as far away as Florida.

Not surprisingly, tons of people inquired about her, and the shelter put up a follow-up post a few days later thanking everyone and saying Ginger was still up for adoption.

But here's the sad part: Despite the burst of viral attention, Ginger is still at the shelter as of nearly the end of December.

Despite the numerous people asking about Ginger, it seems that the right home hasn't been found for her yet.

What better way to start 2019 by giving Ginger that home?

She'll need to be the only pet in your life, and isn't best with small children, but she does have plenty of love and loyalty to give. Responsible Pet Care suggests that an older couple or a single person may be Ginger's perfect match.

So if you thought maybe someone else must have already gotten her or you're just hearing about her for the first time, now's the time to inquire about adopting Ginger.

Hopefully, she can find that perfect match and a new home for 2019.


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