Christmas is fast approaching, and Portland is getting ready. One of the city's prized seasonal landmarks is the large pine tree that stands in Monument Square every year. And with the lighting ceremony coming up on Nov. 25th, the announcement's been made about which tree's been selected to represent the season.

This stoic beauty comes from neighboring Westbrook. According to the Portland Maine Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department's Facebook post, this year's tree is a mammoth Balsom Fir that measures 40 feet tall. This gargantuan beauty is extremely full, with a perfect curved look. And now it sounds like I'm describing a car.

The next step for Portland's tree is the massive job of moving it downtown to Monument Square. The Parks Department explains the complex plan in great detail, from the cutting down to the route itself. They estimate that it should take about an hour from cutting to land at its final destination in Monument Square. According to the post, the Westbrook Police, Portland Police and Portland Parking Control will be helping to make sure the roads remain safe during the giant tree's commute.

The yearly tree lighting has been one of Portland's most popular traditions for decades. In fact, it's so popular that the city did a live feed of the lighting during the pandemic. It was a great way to keep the spirit of the event alive.

It's not just the lighting that's back. New activities are being added as well. There will be live music, ice carving, face painting, giveaways, food and drink samples, and more. You can read more about the festivities here.

According to the post, the tree will make its move on Thursday, November 17th, with the cutting beginning around 9am. Get your camera phones ready.

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