Alex and Mike Chau, the couple behind the foodie Instagram account @foodbabyny, may have found the cutest way to showcase the hugely diverse array of foods and desserts Portland Maine has to offer.

Based in New York, the Chaus occasionally make their way up to Maine for family vacations and like most tourists, make their way through the city hopping from restaurant to restaurant.

At each stop, they document their delicious finds with appropriately dumbfounded looks on the faces of their adorable kids. What better way is there to capture the sheer wonder of the glorious foods you can find in this city?

The Chaus do an excellent job of hitting up spots that are off the beaten track; I've only tried a couple of the restaurants they've documented from their visits here.

@foodbabyny's account is filled with other cities' foodie finds as well, but obviously the ones from Maine (each tagged #foodbabynytomaine)

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