You never know who you might see when you're shopping for household supplies in Target on a Thursday afternoon. 

My boyfriend and I were on a tight timeline as we breezed through the entrance of the Target in South Portland. Our first stop was the laundry detergent section and we divided efforts looking for the right brand. He went down one aisle and I went down the aisle next to it. We both reached the end at the exact same time. That's when we ran face first into...


All three of us said the same thing all at once, "Oh my god! What are you doing here?"

It's been over two years since Meredith said her final goodbye on the air of The Q Morning Show. The transition was kind of wild for both of us and we didn't get a chance to connect  at all before she left. Running into her was the first time I'd seen her since before I took her spot in The Q Morning Show line up.

Seeing people you know in public when you're not expecting it can sometimes lead to awkward interactions, but this was not the case at all! It was so fun to see her and catch up on everything that's gone down since she hung up her mic.

She asked about the show, about listeners, and how everyone at the Q was doing before asking, "How are you doing on the show?"

I grew up listening to Meredith, Jeff & Lori on The Q Morning Show so I will always know Meredith as the host of my favorite radio show. I was nervous to answer the question. I told her that our listeners have been so welcoming, and have let me be myself instead of having to duplicate what she brought to the show. I added at the end, "I don't talk about my boobs enough though."

Meredith laughed and assured me that the "no filter thing" took her about three years to develop, so I've got one more year before that kicks in. 

So, for those of you who have been asking, Meredith is doing very well, she looks amazing, and she's still the hilarious, unfiltered woman you loved on the show, even in the laundry detergent aisle at Target.

My two year anniversary on The Q Morning Show is coming up this month, and I just want to thank Lori, Jeff, Meredith, all of the listeners, and everyone at The Q for throwing me into the deep end because you all had faith that I could swim. This job is challenging, fun, and really frigging weird, and I'm so appreciative that you welcome me into your world every morning.

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