Santa's Village has been in the news a lot lately, mainly due to the announcement of a new ride set to debut in 2024. (If it's nostalgia you seek, don't worry - Clarks Trading Post has you covered.) It should be interesting to see how a world-famous fan of our Northern New Hampshire attractions reacts to these changes.

In 1998, Mick Foley bore the brunt of one of the most famous (and nearly infamous) moments in wrestling history, when The Undertaker mistook him for a cucumber and did this:

To many, it’s the most legendary moment of Foley’s storied, Hall of Fame career. So, it’s no wonder he takes some time away from his writing, podcasting, and comedy tours to relive it just a little each year by riding the log flume at Santa’s Village.

Located in the White Mountains town of Jefferson, New Hampshire, Santa’s Village has been a beloved New England tourist destination since 1953. In recent years, the park’s popularity has allowed it to renovate and upgrade its attractions, including 2020’s “Great Humbug Adventure.”

Foley’s affection for the park can be traced back to a trip his parents took him on when he was a young boy, as mentioned in several bestselling memoirs he has published. And the Hardcore Legend keeps the tradition going by bringing his own family to the park each year.

Every summer, park-goers and staff await a visit from the former WWE Champion and his family, and those who follow from afar are updated by posts from Foley himself.

Famous for playing characters such as Mankind and Cactus Jack, Foley rode the Yule Log as another of his personas, Dude Love, in 2022. Foley also posted a photo from the park on June 25 of 2021, with the date marking the halfway point to Christmas.

Foley’s ties to New England don’t end there, as he was a frequent visitor to a legendary Massachusetts restaurant while on the road with Stamford, Connecticut-based WWE (now headed up by New Hampshire native Triple H).

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