Wow, it sure got hot in July. In fact, according to News Center Maine, it was the hottest July EVER in Portland. Not only that, but it was also the hottest month of ANY month ever, with an average temperature of 72.9 degrees. That easily beat the previous hottest month, which was July of 2011, when the average temperature was 72.7 degrees. 72.9 degrees is 3.6 degrees above the average July temperature in Portland. While it's important to note that this is only counting temperature records since 1941, I'd say that the hottest month in 78 years is pretty impressive.

It's a similar story in Boston, where CBS Boston is reporting that July was their hottest month ever as well, at 78.5 degrees. And it's interesting to report that Boston temperature records go back further, to 1872.

Looking ahead to the forecast for the first ten days of August, it doesn't appear that the trend will break - 9 of the next ten days are forecast to reach 80 degrees or higher.

With high temperatures of 80 or more for 24 out of the 31 days of the month, I sure felt like it was warmer than usual. Did you notice?

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