There are a boatload of very talented young musicians all throughout the great State of Maine, but when one of them gets shared on Twitter by their principal, it gets attention.

Lewiston High School Principal Jake Langlais was attending a concert this week where all-state musician Damon DeWitt was on drums. Langlias shot a quick 25 second video of the performance where Damon was playing the drums like he owned them.

Actually he probably does. Actually his parents probably do.

Anyway, Principal Langlais had high praise for Damon's performance saying, "He has the ability to take over any space when playing the drums but he is talented enough to enhance the music as a whole. The best on the drums of any student in the opinion."

Well I'm sure many parents might argue that one with you Principal Langlais, but there's no doubt Damon has got the gift of music with this performance.

Unfortunately, the music director was totally blocking the shot of Damon here, but I did a little digging. Turns out Damon has more talents than just drumming. He is on the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council as well, where members work with the Lewiston City Council on community issues affecting youth.

He's a sharp dresser too. That's him, second on the left in the back row.


This kid is clearly going places!

Jake Langlais shares lot of stories of his Lewiston High School students. Keep an eye on his Twitter page for more of these smart and talented kids doing great things.

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