All that's on the news these days is coverage about the impeachment trial. And I get it. It's a historic thing when that happens.

There are three types of Americans in this situation:
1. People cheering it on and hoping President Trump gets the boot.
2. People rolling their eyes thinking this is a waste of time and hoping he stays.
3. People who couldn't care less.

So how does a morning show, not keen on actually discussing politics stay relevant with current events?

We drink!

All three groups of people above have one thing in common?

They all could use a drink. To calm nerves, or to just deal with the circus.

So our signature drink, "Mmm...Peach Mint" was, well, attempted. We winged it. Inspired by peach, mint, and Mexican Moscow Mules. See how we did:

Well...the drink wasn't a huge success. The flavors do work together but they would certainly work better with professionals at the helm.

Speaking of professionals if you want a pro "Mmm...Peach Mint" try out one of these recipes:

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