I know. You're here to judge me. It's fine. I'll help you. I also love Creed and totally cried at the Scott Stapp show at Aura last year. It's fine. Let the hate flow through you.

It was announced yesterday that Nickelback would be coming to Darling's Waterfront Pavilion on July 25th. I've been to many concerts in my day but never Nickelback.

I find this tour very exciting. One, because they're joined by the legendary Stone Temple Pilots and two, they will be playing their All The Right Reasons album in its entirety, hence the All The Right Reasons Tour name. The band is celebrating as the album that came out 15 years ago.

Damn, am I really that old?

Here's the thing, do I like all of Nickelback's stuff? No. In fact, their two biggest songs off the record; Photograph and Rockstar, are my least favorite. But the nostalgia factor for the album overall is HUGE for me.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

Ah, yes awkward high school photos. This was taken in my room in 2007, two years after All The Right Reasons was released. And yes, that is a Nickelback All The Right Reasons poster proudly displayed in my room amongst many other questionable posters, magazine cutouts, and furniture but we'll save that for another day.

That album truly brings me back to high school and simpler times. I had a stereo with a 5-disc changer in that room and that album was often in it. Heck, If Everyone Cared was "my song" with an ex-boyfriend. (I'm not even sure if he knew that at the time, but in my mind it totally was.)

Would I like the album now, at 29 as much if it were new? Couldn't tell ya, but the love looking back is definitely there.

So, if you're like me and secretly, or not so secretly hoping to go to the show. JUST DO IT. If someone judges you that harshly on your music preferences, ignore them. The nostalgia factor is real and wonderful to experience. Like I did with Scott Stapp last year, or when I finally got to see Evanescence. That feeling is awesome so go feel it.

No please excuse me while I put my headphones on and crank Nickelback like I'm back in study hall.

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