Update: This Bangor, Maine, home has recently been sold.

Ever wanted to live near someone who writes about a clown that lives in the sewers and eats children?

Now’s your chance if you swoop in quickly enough, like Pennywise.

A home just down the street from legendary author Stephen King is on the market, and could be yours if the offer is high enough. Or, you and your family could look for a job taking care of a hotel in the wintertime.

But the house in Bangor is still up for grabs, and you could be its new caretaker. Or, perhaps…you’ve always been its caretaker.

The 14-room colonial, located at 69 West Broadway, Bangor Maine, 04401, boasts five bedrooms and five bedrooms. It also has a barn that was converted to a garage on the first floor, and a living space on the second. That way, you’re never far away from your car and can, you know, hear it come to life.

In addition to its cozy interiors, the 6,347 home has an acreage of 0.92. The perfect place to play with your pets…now and forever.

You can also enjoy the Maine outdoors by going out to sit on one of the house’s two large decks. They each come with study steps perfect for setting out Halloween candy or traveling back in time to meet President Kennedy.

For his part, Stephen King seems like the dream New England neighbor. A friend once told me about a Little League game in the 1980s, when King treated all the players and families from both his son’s team and the opponents to ice cream afterward.

And if you put on the Red Sox on a warm Maine evening, you could host the king of nightmares in the home of your dreams...

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