Screw Auger Falls

Grafton Notch, Newry, Maine

Maine's natural beauty never fails to impress and amaze me. Hidden deep in the woods of the Pine Tree State are stunning cascading waterfalls. These breathtaking natural wonders make for a beautiful hiking destination with the promise of a refreshing swim in the cool river water when you arrive.

Screw Auger Falls in Grafton Notch is among Maine's most impressive waterfalls. According to, it is also one of Maine's most visited waterfalls, and it's no surprise why. The plunge and fall waterfall has created cool caverns for swimming and exploring. They also make for incredible photos like these Instagram shots below.

Wanted to explore some Maine beauty. Easily located with GPS and very little effort. Easy access to see the falls - even in the pouring rain. It was a HOT summer day, so no big deal! So much beauty in this state I love!


The falls are awesome, cascading gently down the Bear River into huge, deep rock formations from the Ice Age. They pick up speed as they race down the extremely deep part and the sights and sounds are amazing.


We stopped here to see the falls, and were amazed at how beautiful it was, with the potholes and gorge, twists and turns, and even wildflowers around.


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