Normally, when you think of vandalism or even hear the word, you immediately think some kind of destruction, right? Either some type of destruction or possibly even graffiti. And while graffiti, assuming it's not actually approved graffiti art, tends to be vulgar and slanderous and found on the sides of overpasses, bridges, or other public areas, some vandalism can be as simple as a sentence written somewhere.

For example, for years back when MaryAnn's Diner on Veterans Memorial Parkway in Salem, New Hampshire, was still Bickford's Family Restaurant, inside the men's bathroom was a stall with a message scribbled along the inside.

"Here I sit


Tried to (expletive)

But only farted."

Hilarious? Yes. Still vandalism? Also yes.

Vandalism in Maine is a bit different

Even though Maine is the premiere escape for people from away during summer months and truly is "the way life should be," that doesn't mean it's immune to suffering vandalism. And a prime example of that currently sits in Portland at Bissell Brothers Brewing Company on Resurgam Place.

But here's the thing. It's the most Maine vandalism ever. Because this vandalism on display contains no profanity. Contains no hate speech. In fact, it's actually one of the nicest pieces of vandalism that's probably ever been an actual bit of vandalism.

If there's actually such a thing as positive vandalism -- this is it.

"Maine is nice."

No ripping any one person or group apart. No threat. No negativity. Simply just singing the praises of one of the greatest states in the country. Granted, it's still vandalism so not the greatest way to show love for Vacationland, but if there's going to be any kind of vandalism present, let it be something like that.

In fact, that's not the only piece of positive vandalism (I still can't believe that's a term that is being used in this article, but it's the best way to describe it) that exists in Maine. According to u/teambeattie on the Maine Reddit thread, there's actually a bit of graffiti that's been spraypainted somewhere in Belfast. The message?

"Stay safe everyone."

Leave it to Mainers to somehow technically do something wrong, but have the most heart shown while doing it. Like u/teambeattie said when mentioning the Belfast graffiti -- "I love this state."

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