This Missouri mom broke the maternity shoot mold when she decided to take her professional photographer to their local Target to document her big belly and heart-warming relationship with her adorable daughter.

I don't even have kids and Target is the answer to all of my problems, so I 100% get this - what better setting to document motherhood than the place that brings you peace, tranquility, and blessed clearance aisles on a weekly basis?

Heather of Inspired By A True Story Photography perfectly captured modern motherhood with her pictures of mama Page and daughter Avery. In her facebook post covering the photo shoot, Heather jokes that no one questioned their process -- besides Page's husband, who would not be seen with them on that day. Not all dads understand the holiness of Target, you guys. It's okay.

This got me thinking; why are maternity photo shoots always under picturesque trees at sunset or leaning against rusty fences in a field? Sitting on the rocks by a creek? Embracing each other standing on a mountain? That's not where parenthood takes place. I want to see more photo shoots in laundry rooms, dirty kitchens, the freezer aisle of the grocery store, or holding hands crossing the road. Where would you sum up parenthood for an off-the-beaten-path photo shoot?

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