Imagine driving along, seeing a flock of turkeys, thinking of Thanksgiving, and then having to do a double-take because one of those turkeys is way more colorful than the rest.

That could be possible if you're driving in Springfield, Vermont, as one unlucky woman's peacock has decided to run away from home and join up with a new crew, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The peacock has been on the lamb for about six weeks, the newspaper reports, and owner Rene Johnson has attempted to catch it to bring it home. It looks like the peacock would rather hang out with its turkey friends instead.

She even posted on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Facebook page looking for advice on how to catch the little "twerp":

The BDN stated that Johnson almost got her peacock on Thanksgiving Day, but it got away again.

Hopefully Johnson can get her peacock back soon, but it's still pretty hilarious to think the brightly-colored bird is out there hanging with a bunch of turkeys.

Now it just has to watch out for some fowl New England weather. (I'll see myself out now.)

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