Update: It seems that Glen Junction Family Restaurant has recently closed and the restaurant's Facebook page only shut down a few days after this article was written. No official word yet on what might be moving into the place.

I grew up next to railroad tracks in my hometown of South Paris. We lived on Nichols Street and I could look out a window on the landing of our stairs and see the train at the bottom of the street several times a day between through freight and switching cars at the old Paris Manufacturing plant.

When I got older I would ride my bike down to the crossing to watch them switch cars around. One day the engineer asked me if I wanted a ride. I could hardly believe it!

I went up into the cab and sat in the conductor's seat as he moved the train up and down the tracks to shuffle cars. It was barely five minutes, but a moment I'll never forget. I've been a rail fan ever since.

As such a big rail geek, I don't know how I never knew about this train-themed restaurant in Glen, New Hampshire.

Glen Junction Family Restaurant via Facebook
Glen Junction Family Restaurant via Facebook

Glen Junction Family Restaurant got its name from the meeting of two former rail lines not far from the restaurant. Today, one line is gone, but the other is still used by the Conway Scenic Railroad for excursions throughout the warmer months. If you love trains, you're definitely in the right place.

The restaurant had a devastating fire in January 2020, but after a year and a half of rebuilding, they were back at it.

They keep the train theme going throughout the restaurant including the menu which offers the Glen Junction Benedict or the Railroader's Benedict along with Trainfries and the Conductor's Special. But just stop and take a second to look at this Red White and Blue Waffle special!


Glen Junction Restaurant also has a model train running loops around the dining area. I always dreamt of having my model railroad go around our house like this, but of course, my parents didn't want to drill tunnels in the walls to make that happen.

BLT and onion rings? I'm in!

Next time you're driving through New Hampshire on Route 302, stop in and give it a try. It's hard to miss, but if you want to plug it into your maps app, they're at 12 US-302 in Glen.

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