Let's face it, dogs get a raw deal when it comes to beach access in the summer.

As a dog owner, I know this all too well. The majority of beaches either have very strict times when dogs are permitted, or simply don't allow them at all.

I understand why. Not everyone is a dog lover. Not everyone should have to deal with other people's dogs potentially wiping out a sandcastle or stealing a few potato chips. But it's still rough (no pun intended) for us who just want to enjoy a nice sandy stroll with man's best friend.

Fortunately, there's a beach in Southern Maine that's the complete opposite of its brethren. A beach that allows dogs, not just before 9am and after 5pm, but all day long. I'm talking about Saco's Bayview Beach.

I had never even heard of this beach before, until I did a random Google search. I had been looking for a beach that might actually allow dogs throughout the day. We typically take our guy to Pine Point in the evening. It's a great beach, but not a place for dogs if you want to enjoy it midday.

As the results appeared, I noticed a beach listed that I had never heard of before. And it's a beach not far from our home. It was a listing for Bayview Beach, and it said DOGS PERMITTED ALL DAY in bold lettering.

I couldn't believe what I was reading, but wasn't going to second-guess it. So, we grabbed the dog, hopped in the car, and headed to this potential dog oasis. And that's exactly what it was.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bayview Beach is tucked away between Ocean Park and Ferry Beach State Park. There's easy parking, adequate facilities, and even supplies dog waste bags in case you forget one.

As we walked up to the beach, the views immediately blow your mind. Wood Island Light, Biddeford Pool, and the panorama of Old Orchard Beach all shine in their natural beauty.

As we started walking, we realized this wasn't just a beach to walk dogs, it's the beach to walk dogs. Many have actually been more dogs than humans, which made Bayview even more attractive to visit. It was like a scene out of Planet of the Apes if the apes were just a bunch of friendly, goofy canines.


So if you're looking for a beach that's beautiful, not too busy, and most importantly, dog-friendly, then Bayview is definitely for you. Just be prepared to meet a lot of new furry friends. They will all want to say hello.

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