As the days inch closer and things get crossed off your list, that familiar feeling of excitement and dread creep in. Christmas is a notorious holiday for being everyone's favorite while also being the most stressful. Between the meal prep, piles of presents, travel logistics, and the f word (Family), there's a lot to despise on Christmas... and yet we love it. The skit that SNL preformed this weekend perfectly sums up our blind love of the holiday despite all of its logistical nightmares.

As soon as Matt Damon references waking up more excited than the kids and the video flashes to screaming children jumping on the bed, you know this is going to be a spot on representation of every family's Christmas. The family immediately complaining about their drive, the relative saying "your race is against white people" while wearing a MAGA hat, and the wife saying she was "full of Christmas spirit" before the video cuts to her chugging wine and smoking a cig in the backyard. This video will make you laugh nonstop and remind you that even at its worst, Christmas is pretty great.

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