Wallet. Phone. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Keys?

Do any of you do the triple check only to realize you can't find your keys? And then you're looking everywhere for them, and of course, they've pulled a Houdini on you.

We've all probably lost our keys at some time or another, and that happened to be the case for a woman in Brunswick, Maine.

According to a Facebook post from MESARD (Maine Search and Rescue Dogs), this woman had run in a 5K in the town but somehow managed to lose her keys.

Luckily enough, there happened to be K9 teams in the area training the same weekend, and it wasn't long before one of those teams was able to find the keys.

Shout out, to Judy and her K9 Drake.

What's wild is that dogs' sense of smell is so amazing, it is "10,000 to 100,000 times as acute" as our own, according to PBS. And that makes many of them great trackers like Drake.

And obviously, while keys were the target object in this scenario, there are many K9s that play crucial roles in even bigger situations like drug-sniffing dogs or even those that find people.

Just recently, Seacoast Current reported on a New Hampshire woman that had gone missing but was found thanks to the efforts of Maine Game Warden Michael Latti and K9 Luna. The dog was able to pick up a scent and aid in the rescue.

Dogs really are amazing.

Now, if only we all had a dog that could sniff out keys with ease or help find that lost thing we needed found.

Thanks again, Drake. Hope you got some extra treats for being a good boy!

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