Just imagine how good a restaurant is to be named the best of its kind in an entire state. Now, imagine how amazing it would be for that restaurant to receive that distinction even as a seasonal joint, and when in operation, only open a few days a week.

You don't need to imagine it, because it's reality for an iconic Southern Maine restaurant.

The Steakhouse in the seaside town of Wells has been an institution for some time. The joint is known for its delicious comfort food, succulent seafood, and great steaks.

The Steakhouse via Facebook
The Steakhouse via Facebook

The tasty food, along with the ambiance and impeccable service, prompted the popular website, Mashable, to name The Steakhouse as the best steakhouse in the entire state of Maine.

Mashable had a nice little writeup supporting its choice...

You know that a steakhouse is confident in its food when they give themselves the name "The Steakhouse." And, as it turns out, this restaurant in Wells, Maine, has every right to be extremely confident. While the food is reasonably priced, The Steakhouse doesn't cut any corners. They have an ambitious menu with everything from steaks and ribs to Italian offerings such as chicken marsala, and reviewers can't get enough.

I think what really hits home are the countless positive reviews from both locals and tourists. Plus, a reasonable price point is always going to be a big hit.

The Steakhouse via Facebook
The Steakhouse via Facebook

What makes this more remarkable is the fact that The Steakhouse is only open on Friday and Saturday. Just imagine the number of people who roll through the doors of the establishment to make it a moneymaker. That is some serious hustle.

The Steakhouse is also technically a seasonal restaurant. It's currently closed for the remainder of 2022. It will not reopen until Valentine's Day, February 14, of 2023.

I guess one could say The Steakhouse truly knows how to create some significant demand. Clearly it has worked, considering its massive popularity and recent national recognition.

The Steakhouse is another Maine small business success story. I can't get enough of these. Well done, to the owners...not for my steak. That has to be done medium rare.

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